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Direct DataHub

All of our files together, forever.  Like chocolate and peanut butter.

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We've built a unique file sharing Direct DataHub wherein we can store all of your MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) documents in one location and you can search and find them 24/7/365.  

Here's the kind of stuff we'll stick in there: 

☑️ Quotes – All of them
☑️ Mechanical HVAC PM Surveys (Vacancies & Tenants)
☑️ Mechanical HVAC Due Diligence Surveys
☑️ Electrical Due Diligence Surveys 
☑️ Electrical Infrared Thermal Surveys 
☑️ Electrical Nighttime Lighting Surveys 
☑️ Plumbing Due Diligence Surveys
☑️ Plumbing Lift Station Surveys 
☑️ Plumbing Backflow Certifications 
☑️ + More TBD

NO MORE back-and-forth, searching, or data clutter to sift through in your email inbox. 

  "Hey, can you please send me that quote again?"

  "Do you have the surveys for this property?"

  "Do you know if this is the latest and greatest set of surveys for this space?"

✅  NO need to clutter up and use your own server space.

✅  NO waiting - Get the info you need NOW.

The benefits are a real game-changer.

🔥  Increased productivity for both of our teams means quicker and better resolutions
🔥  Our production moves faster since we're no longer busy researching
🔥  No waiting for normal business hours to get your data
🔥  Individual user logins allow your entire team to access their own stuff or we can customize it so that your entire team can see your files as well
🔥  All data files are centralized and we’ll both use the same system
🔥  Less confusion, email chains, and phone calls 
🔥  See all of your data at a glance
🔥  No need to ask tenants for copies of their PM documents
🔥  Access your data & files from anytime, anywhere
🔥 It's FREE 😉

If you manage multiple facilities or locations, multiple tenants, and would like to use Direct DataHub, simply email us at  We'll customize a workspace for you and your team and begin sharing all of your files!

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