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LED Lighting Retrofits On-the-Fly

Lighting retrofit quotes can often be a hard sell to the higher-ups. They're usually substantial quotes, and may seem undoable if "some of the lights are working just fine." Simply, changing all the light fixtures in order to convert to LED all-at-once may not be ideal for everyone's budget. That being said, we can deploy a flexible, budget friendly approach when it comes to upgrading your lighting to LED, reducing operational costs and in general, making it super-easy and virtually painless in regards to the bottom-line.

How It Works

In lieu of changing all your lights at once, we simply change them out as the old HID style lights fail.  By fail - we define that as: "It needs a new ballast" (which, along with a new lamp) makes switching to LED way more within reach.  What would normally be a repair invoice just shows the light(s) being swapped with new LED's and essentially, the lighting system gets upgraded, in time, with your normal repair budget. This virtually goes un-noticed in your annual budgeting and you avoid the back and forth debates of cap-ex approvals. 

At any given time, we have a few clients and large commercial portfolios undergoing these retrofit on-the-fly situations and now that LED lighting is comparable in pricing to simply fixing old lights, it's become a much more economical approach. 

This does require some commitment, and depending on how many you have at a given property, it can take numerous visits over a 1-3 year span to fully complete the retrofit.  

Where This Process Works Best

  1. You are retrofitting exterior lighting w/ new LED.
  2. You are participating in our quarterly or bi-monthly exterior lighting drive-by program.  
  3. You have time to await the full LED retrofit timeline to naturally take its course. 

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