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Reporting Downed or Exposed Communication Lines

This article is mostly geared for AT&T, but the same general principles apply.  When you find downed or exposed communications lines, reporting it is the best thing to do.

Downed or Obstructed Lines

If you find drooping wires, downed AT&T lines, or AT&T equipment in a yard or on the street, let AT&T know by calling them. You can reach them at 800.288.2020.

If You Have AT&T Service

Provide your account information and say, “Line is down.”

If You DON'T Have AT&T Service

 Say "No account." When asked if you want to order new service, say "No." Then, to let them know why you're calling, say “Line is down.”  

FYI:  Extreme weather or other factors can bring down lines, including electrical lines. NEVER approach a downed wire by yourself. Always call your local authorities in an emergency.  If you suspect that the downed line is a high voltage line, back away immediately and call your local electrical utility provider.  Here in Houston, this is most likely CenterPoint.

Unburied Cables or Exposed Wires

Report an Issue

Check an Issue Already Reported

Call the AT&T Buried Wire Center at 800.924.9420 Monday - Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 6 p.m. ET.  Remember: This number is just for unburied ground cables.

Some utility companies mark or paint their lines.  If you see a marked line with an exposed cable or wire, and it doesn’t say AT&T, be sure to report it directly to that company.  AT&T can do nothing about lines that they do not own.  Most of the same principles in this article can apply to whoever owns the lines.  The bottom "line" is, always report downed or exposed cables!

This article has been shared by Direct Service, Construction and Design to specifically accommodate our intended clientele.  The intent of sharing this information is to better inform the public of these general topics, expand knowledge and safety for all and provide crucial information in regard to their MEP and building systems and/or assets. It is NOT our recommendation that any article recommendations or how-to scenarios be attempted by anyone other than a qualified or competent person.