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How to Apply for a Certificate of Occupancy (City of Houston)

Pretty much any time that a commercial building or an individual lease space is going to hold a new occupant, or if changes to the existing occupancy classification are made, a Certificate of Occupancy first has to be obtained.  You also need to be set up with power for the proposed use of the existing building.

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Things You'll Need or Might Need:

How to Apply

  1.   Submit your completed Application for Occupancy Compliance Inspection (either Form 1045A or 1045B) via email to Occupancy.inspections[at]
  2.   When your application is received and processed, you'll get an email with a link and instructions as to how to pay online via iPermits.
  3.   Make your payment. Once confirmed, an email with inspection date, QR code, and guidelines will be sent to your email.


Things You'll Need or Might Need:

How to Schedule

  1.   Schedule online
    • Have your project number and scheduling PIN ON-HAND when you do this.
  2.   Schedule by phone
    • Re-inspection or final inspections can be scheduled by phone at 832.394.8880
    • The inspection fee must be paid prior to inspection
  3. Schedule via email
    • You can schedule the inspection via email at Occupancy.inspections[at]

Your initial payment must be made the day that the application gets processed.  Otherwise, the inspection will be cancelled.

If you schedule and inspection and fail to show up or there is no one else there to meet with the inspector, the inspection will not happen and you'll have to pay a re-inspection fee.

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