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Routine Loading Dock Maintenance and Upkeep

Routine cleaning and maintenance of your loading dock pump systems.

This is a standard loading dock pump cleaning and maintenance.  

Definition:  Loading docks are known for being low-set, thus putting them at high risk for flooding during heavy rain situations.  Having a pump at these docks is extremely common to help pump this water out of the docks and get them back into full-operation.  Hence, it's important to maintain or replace these when they go out to keep the loading bays clear of water.

Scope of Work

  1.   Drain water from loading dock if water present by use of transfer pump.
  2.   Pressure wash loading dock and discard any trash and/or debris.
  3.   Verify existing pump and system are operational.
  4.   Full operational testing upon completion and prior to site departure.
  5.   Follow up with a quote for any additional work required, if discovered.

Don’t let a dock drain clog slow you down!

Over the ages, your dock drain is liable to clog and overflow, and your dock drain pump can malfunction. If you’re experiencing a dock drain issue, it’s time to get it fixed. You never know when the next storm is liable to drop in and wreak havoc. Dock drains, or trench drains, are designed to collect water and debris, and move those contents away from the dock. If a dock is below grade, you may need a drain pump to get rid of this accumulation. Without dock drains, docks are liable to become flooded. Now, dock drains aren’t impervious to an accumulation of debris, and dock drain pumps are liable to fail.

Debris And Clogging

Debris can accumulate as your dock drain carries away fluids. Whether it’s dirt, rocks, plant material, or any other solid, debris can clog your drain. If you’re experiencing a dock drain clog, or a dock pump malfunction, your dock drain can overflow and cause damage or halt operations. Although dock drains are covered with grates, even small debris can accumulate and become stuck.

Drain Pump Malfunction

Dock drain pumps can be put to the test as they pump thousands of gallons of water away from your facilities. A simple malfunction can cause a complete breakdown, leading to flooding. If you notice a dock drain pump malfunction, contact us

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